Hello and welcome to the official Coruin HD website.

You’ll be able to find information about my gaming rig and the peripherals I use and a direct link to my stream videos.

Further I’m about to set up a schedule on here. However, I can’t guarantee that I can follow that schedule all the time. I have a real life after all.

As of now I’m not able to broadcast any streams due to some performance issues of my computer. I have the hope to fix them sooner or later. Until then I’ll try to get some videos done and upload them on Youtube.

Last but not least I thank you for stopping by and watching my stream videos.

I have the hope to upgrade my gaming rig and start offering giveaways. To do so I’ll need your help. Feel free to visit my donation page and show me your support. Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I still have to fine tune a few things here on this page, don’t mind the dust. 😉